Infectious outbreak hits test cricket

Unaccustomed as we are to seeing professional cricket administered and played to rules and regulations which have a basis in common sense, it looks like we might just have to get used to it.

Every single one of the recent batch of changes made by the ICC to the Playing Conditions of the international and first-class game make sense. Every single one. The only questionable aspect about them is why they took so long to happen. (for more click here)

Go Faster stripes for KG & Polly

Every now and then a sponsor really goes out of its way to do something a bit different. I have said for a long time that sponsors, by and large, can be taken for granted and under-appreciated in the world of sport but I guess they wouldn’t keep coming back if it wasn’t worth their while.

Nissan’s involvement in cricket is headed by their brand ambassadors Shaun Pollock and Kagiso Rabada and it was around these two very fine cricketers and gentlemen that the car manufacturer planned their latest ‘day out’ for the media. And what a day it was – provided you enjoy speed. (for more see here)